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CS:GO game betting websites are a huge part of the CS:GO industry. This game includes one of the few huge scenes in the entire field of cybersports, this is one of the reasons why users love to bet on upcoming matches where the pros meet. The game is so well known and ubiquitous that you can play for real money and bet on pro matches on many popular betting websites, which include web resources such as gg.bet, berway and bet365. Nevertheless, these websites are not able to attract a large share of fans of the game.

In this article I will omit consideration of the many resources that provide the opportunity to bet on CS:GO for real money and focus your attention on the platforms for betting on skins that will be really interesting and worth your attention.

This list includes only those platforms that provide bettors with the ability to withdraw valid CS:GO game skins. If you can not make skins withdrawal, such sites will not be mentioned in my list. Also, each of the aforementioned sites has the ability to take deposits of players on real skins, which means that you will have a chance and a tool to make your skins in CS:GO. After that, you can make at their expense a bet on the match with the professional players, and if your chosen team wins, you will be able to order the payment of the best skins CS:GO (most financially) along with your cash winnings.

Betting on CS:GO games and sites for such deals: what is it?

Betting on CS:GO games is a method to spend personal skins to stay in CS:GO pro matches. When you make a winning bet and the team of your choice wins the match, you are awarded an increased number of skins. However, if you make a losing bet, you are left with nothing and lose all skins. A similar method was in demand in CSGOLounge, but to date, this resource is not active and does not apply. Now, most of the diaspora bettors use only reliable and safe websites with gambling, also having in their arsenal of skins from CS:GO, as well as providing bets on major matches such as, for example, CSGOEmpire. Using such sites, you can quickly and sometimes instantly transfer personal skins from CS:GO games to the platforms we described above, make a deal by betting on your preferred team and get the winnings (withdraw them) smoothly and instantly.

How to make a deal to bet on the matches of professional players in CS:GO

The first thing you’ll need are the skins themselves from CS:GO. After you decide which skins you want to use, you can transfer them to your favorite web resource that gives you the opportunity to bet on CS:GO. We, in turn, recommend using CSGO500 or CSGOEmpire. In order to make a deposit to your game account, the available skins must be suitable for making trades with them.
After the interest of your skins and willingness to get them from the users, you can accept the deal and make the exchange. To do this, the resource will provide you with all the tools: you will be sent an exact trade link to the interested buyer, and all you will be required to do is to click on it and confirm the sending of those skins that you wish to deposit. After successfully making a deposit, you are provided with coins on the site of your choice. Now you only need to go to the “Betting on Games” block and place a bet on the team that you assume should win the battle. In case of a winning bet, your coins will be multiplied. For example, if you decide to bet 10 coins on an outcome with odds of 1.6, your winnings will be 6 coins and your account will be replenished by 16.
After a successful bet, you are given the opportunity to make a withdrawal of the won coins. To do this, the user must move to the “Withdraw” block. In this tab you can see a variety of amazing skins for the game in CS:GO. You have the ability to set the appropriate filter for sorting by value, and set the desired range of prices (for example, the range of 25 to 100 coins) in order to find the perfect skin. Nevertheless, when placing an order for a skin withdrawal, you will need to spend up to ten minutes of your time waiting for a user who is ready to offer you a deal on the sale. Withdrawal of funds, as a rule, requires 2 to 5 minutes of waiting time. Do not also forget about the possibility of withdrawal of the same Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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